Waterproofing Perth

Despite the fact that waterproofing products available to the general public have come a long way and even rival those that are available to commercial tilers, most waterproofing jobs fail due to poor workmanship.

Repairing poor waterproofing work can result in anything from a strip and re-tile to a complete bathroom renovation to completely and properly condition the room’s surface for the waterproofing membrane.

Experience and know-how are required to know how to prepare the surface, apply the membrane, applying the appropriate number of coats, knowing how long to let those coats dry between screed and coats as well as ensuring the enough area is covered around the wet areas.

Unfortunately, all tiling companies are not created equal, which results in others cutting corners or using poor quality products to cut costs and get the job done quicker.

That’s why with over 10 years combined experience in waterproofing, Gun Tiling is able above and beyond Australian Standards time and time again with every waterproofing application.

In over 90% of the bathrooms that Gun Tiling has been asked to quote the bathroom wasn’t originally waterproofed correctly and therefore needed to be renovated. Gun Tiling guarantees it’s screed has the correct falls to allow sufficient water run-off and the precise application of waterproofing materials so you can rest easy knowing your bathroom with last.

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